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How To Beat The Corrupted Heroes In Immortals Fenyx Rising

by Brian Shea on Dec 03, 2020 at 03:58 PM

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While Immortals Fenyx Rising has several series of difficult boss battles thanks to Mythical Creatures, Tartaros Lieutenants, and more, some of the most intense battles you can find in the game surround the wraiths of the corrupted heroes. These heroes were summoned by the gods to battle the powerful titan Typhon prior to the events of the game, but he was able to corrupt them and force them to fight by his side. Until you defeat them in their Wraith Lairs, weaker versions of these legendary heroes can appear at random on the map while you're trying to do other activities, so it's a good idea to take them out once you feel competent and powerful enough to do so.

My tips below give you advice on how to topple these powerful heroes with a pretty baseline set of abilities, but through upgrades, you can make these showdowns much easier. My preferred loadout for these battles was to equip Phospor with the Tarnished skin, which replenishes your health every time his attack lands, and just relentlessly bomb on them with his attack. However, since his attacks use up your stamina, you have to get in and attack with your sword to replenish your stamina quickly while he's lighting them up. The more upgraded Phosphor and your sword are, the better this tactic works, but once I got this down, I combined these skills with the tips listed below to make short work of most of the heroes.

Check out my hero-specific tips below, and let us know what tactics you employ in the comments section!


Achilles is the first wraith you encounter during your adventure while on your quest to help Aphrodite, but that doesn't mean he goes down without a fight. However, his pattern is fairly straightforward: He typically throws three parry-able attack sequences before loading up, glowing red, and unleashing an unblockable horizontal swing, followed by an overhead slash. Sometimes he'll throw in an extra one-off unblockable attack, but it's pretty obviously broadcasted, so just be cognizant of whether or not he's glowing red.

The best path to victory for me was to not try to actively stun him, but rather to parry the attacks I could, which leaves a small opening for light-attack combos, then build his stun gauge up through well-timed parries. Of course, when he glows red, it's time to put your thumb on the dodge button and try to time it well enough that you slow time for your go-to combo. When you get him down, just unload onto him, but don't get greedy, because he'll pick back up with his relentless attack shortly after standing back up. Keep up the rhythm of parries and dodges and before you know it, you'll deal the final blow to this legendary warrior.

Immortals Fenyx Rising
The wraith of Atalanta as you encounter her in the world


The huntress of legend is perhaps the toughest of the corrupted hero battles, mainly thanks to her bear companion. If you're anything like me, your first instinct is to take out the bear, but since the bear is such a tank, I realized that it might just be best to focus all of your attacks on Atalanta herself. She uses a series of different arrows, including a scattershot, a jumping shot, and an unblockable shot. If you get too close, she's not above swinging her bow at you, dealing pretty solid damage.

While I mentioned focusing your attacks on Atalanta, you can't completely ignore the bear, since he stays pretty close to her side. Keep swinging on Atalanta, but be mindful of the beefy predator who is never far away; when he comes lunging in, time your dodge or parry right and it'll slow time, giving you extra hits on the primary target. As with other enemies, try to focus on which attacks can be parried to raise the stun meter, and which ones have to be dodged (as indicated by the enemy glowing red before throwing it). With such acrobatic moves and an extra enemy to worry about, Atalanta is difficult, but by learning her pattern and staying aware of her furry friend, she's beatable.


The muscle-bound hero is the most tank-like of the four legendary heroes, but I found him to be the easiest thanks to how often he metaphorically shoots himself in the foot. Not only does he sometimes get his weapon stuck in the ground thanks to his massive swings at you, but he'll even stop to pose or do push-ups, giving you time to attack, potion-up, or apply buffs.

For Herakles, I didn't even take the time to learn his pattern; I instead used my speed advantage and his arrogance against him. Get in with some light attacks and parry in the off-chance he throws a blockable attack, but chances are, he'll wind up for something devastating. Once he begins glowing red, dodge your way out of range and begin the process again. As you feel more comfortable with his timing, you can experiment with staying in range longer or mixing in some heavy attacks or abilities that boost his stun meter, but keep at it and he will fall.


Odysseus is the most intelligent of the legendary heroes, and he shows that with some unique tricks up his sleeve. Most notably, he teleports around the battlefield, appearing all around you to mix in attacks both blockable and unblockable. He can also create clones of himself, but don't worry too much about them; they don't have much health, so they typically go down without a ton of trouble.

I kept up a pretty relentless assault on Odysseus once learning his patterns. As with every other hero on this list, be sure to dodge instead of parry when the enemy glows red before he attacks. When he goes into his portals and begins teleporting around you with attacks, the first two are unblockable, while the third is one you can parry. As I mentioned before, the clones don't have much health, but if you let them surround you, it can become problematic, so it's best to dispatch them as they spawn. Odysseus didn't give me much trouble, but if you have difficulty anticipating where he's going to pop up next, he could be a bit of a pain. Just do your best to track him when he goes on the move and remember to dodge the first two – and if you lose count, just dodge all of them. Better safe than sorry!

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