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Your Apex Legends Season 7 Guide To Success

by Jason Guisao on Nov 09, 2020 at 03:10 PM

I’ve played Apex Legends almost every day since its 2019 launch. After grinding over the summer, I finally forced my way into Apex Predator, the highest ranked tier in the game. But while my fondest memories of Apex Legends occurred early on when many of its revolutionary mechanics were still new to the battle royale genre (e.g the pinging system, ability kits, etc.), I can assure you that the game has never looked or felt as good as it has since Season 7’s recent release. To help bright-eyed newcomers or any veterans that are looking to experiment or change their playstyles, I’ve compiled a short guide that highlights some of the best landing spots, weapon loadouts, and squad compositions to help you quickly adapt to the latest arena, Olympus.

Best Landing Spots


Rift is hard to miss (see above) and, because of this, it’s reminiscent of previously popular locations like Skull Town and Capitol City. Rift is home to a plethora of loot-filled buildings, rewarding flank locations, and advantageous vantage points. Once you’ve finished wiping the floor with any other team foolish enough to follow you through its cosmic barrier, grab the nearby Trident to quickly rotate to another hot spot or jump into the unstable wormhole at its center to be teleported across the map.

Bonsai Plaza

Bonsai Plaza is one of Apex Legends’ more visually striking points of interest: Towering skyscrapers cast shadows on the scrambling squads below while pink leaves from nearby shrubbery flutter in the wind. Ziplines carry you above the action to sky-level restaurants and bars that overlook the battlefield. Snipers will likely force squads to move indoors and battle within the confines of small lobbies, so make sure you’re equipped with an SMG.

Grow Towers

Olympus’ Grow Towers are three rotating, multi-floored pillars that host miniature gardens and a multitude of loot. The open spaces separating each tower can make aggressive rush plays a fatal decision. Look for Pathfinders to set up ziplines, or Octanes to catapult their teammates onto the higher floors of the towers. The rotating platforms can be a hinderance for players who prefer zooming in; equip a shotgun like the Eva-8 so that you can hip-fire in close-quarters combat, without worrying about too much bullet spread.

Best Weapon Loadouts


Devotion LMG + P2020 or Mozambique Shotgun

The Devotion is overpowered – I mean, why wouldn’t you use it? The weapon’s biggest flaw is its slow ramp-up rate, but this is easily fixed with the Turbocharger attachment. Because of the Devotion’s overwhelming damage, as long as you hold down the trigger before your target does, the kill is practically guaranteed. And if accuracy and recoil control aren’t your strengths, just focus on breaking enemy shields. Then, swap to the P2020 or Mozambique and deplete those meager health pools with skin-shredding Hammerpoint Rounds.


R-99 SMG or Volt SMG + Wingman

Olympus is filled to the brim with cover, meaning that you’ll probably have to rush enemies to confirm kills. The R-99 rewards recoil control with an incredibly high rate of fire, and the Volt’s damage output is consistently reliable. Pair either of these SMGs with the Wingman revolver and you’ll be ready for almost any up-close-and-personal shootout. Quickdraw, a new Wingman attachment, provides the pistol with greater hip-fire accuracy and higher ADS speeds, meaning that you’ll be able to whip out your sidearm much faster (just in case your R-99 or Volt runs out of ammo) and finish off low-health enemies without having to zoom in.


R-301 Carbine + G7 Scout or Hemlock Burst AR

The R-301 is nothing to write home about, but its unnoticeable recoil pattern establishes it as one of Apex Legend’s premier assault rifles for high- and low-tier players. Additionally, a short- or mid-range holographic sight makes the gun a perfect fit for most firefight scenarios. The G7 (or Hemlock, depending on your preference), are great long-range options and can even rival popular sniper rifles like the Sentinel and Triple Take. You can’t go wrong with this loadout because it’s been optimized to take advantage of Olympus’ various sightlines.

Best Squad Compositions


Horizon + Caustic + Rampart

This squad is strictly reliant upon Horizon’s chemistry with her allies. Victories in Apex Legends often stem from weapon accuracy and optimal positioning. Horizon’s ultimate, Black Hole, however, provides a rare chance for teammates to win engagements by combining their abilities to obliterate foes (like in Overwatch). Horizon’s Black Hole pulls enemies toward its center and if coupled with Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade, adversaries won’t be able to withstand the concentrated damage. Rampart’s job is to pick off any stragglers with her Emplaced Minigun or prevent third party opportunities. Make sure to collect as many Ultimate Accelerants as you can so that Horizon and Caustic are always ready to activate their most devastating abilities.

Substitutions: Feel free to switch out Rampart for other mobility legends. Horizon is great for setting up ambushes by quickly getting her team to high ground or trapping enemies in Black Holes, but when those schemes fall apart (and Rampart doesn’t have her Emplaced Minigun yet), you might need a reliable legend like Pathfinder or Wraith to get your team out of dire situations with a well-placed zipline or portal.


Wraith + Wattson + Caustic

This is the classic bunker composition. Wattson’s Interception Pylon and Perimeter Security abilities secure some of Olympus’ most complex buildings while the addition of Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps can block off any entryways that Wattson can’t cover. Wraith, however, is the primary playmaker. With her portals, she can get her less-mobile teammates in and out of battle. The true value of this composition emerges during the late stages of a match as each squad fights for advantageous vantage points. Make sure to plan ahead and begin your rotations as soon as possible so that you can ensure a solid position for the final ring.

Substitutions: Wraith is an important piece of this puzzle, so there’s less leeway with attempting to swap her out. On the other hand, Wattson or Caustic can be substituted for Gibraltar or Lifeline. Opting for a bullet sponge like Gibraltar or a healer like Lifeline is never a bad decision when hunkering down.


Pathfinder + Bloodhound + Bangalore

Some people just want to see the world burn. If you and your teammates are the type of players who prefer to shoot first and ask questions later, then this composition is for you. Olympus’ verticality is unlike any of Apex Legends’ previous arenas. Pathfinder’s ziplines can get his teammates to out-of-reach highways, roofs, and ledges. Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather scan helps reveal enemies in Olympus’ denser city districts and industrial ports, while Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher and Rolling Thunder airstrike make it easier to advance on enemy positions. At its core, this composition prioritizes aggression and speed.

Substitutions: Even though Bloodhound’s infrared vision complements Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher, Crypto is also a suitable recon option. The master hacker’s Surveillance Drone can spot enemies at greater distances than Bloodhound’s scan. Moreover, Crypto’s Drone EMP breaks shields and allows for his faster teammates to capitalize on weakened adversaries.

Apex Legends Season 7 has been a blast to play and I constantly find myself marveling at Olympus’ futuristic architecture and blooming grasslands. The new seasonal additions (Horizon, the Trident cruiser, Olympus, etc.) are a stark contrast to Season 6’s lackluster and controversial launch content. Respawn’s Director, Chad Grenier, recently confirmed that the next 12 seasons have already been planned and will push the game “beyond the battle royale” formula – there’s never been a more exciting time to be an Apex Legends fan. 

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