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Game Informer Live — Demon's Souls On PlayStation 5 Part Two

by Daniel Tack on Nov 17, 2020 at 12:28 PM

Ready for more Demon's Souls? Yesterday, Dan Tack went on a three-hour jaunt around Demon's Souls, answering your questions about the Bluepoint remake and battling boss after boss. During yesterday's stream, we started as the Priest class (Thanks chat!) and began moving through the stages. While you can do the stages in almost any order, we decided to head to 4-1 first and take on the Adjudicator before heading back to take on the Tower Knight. We showed off how to call in a fellow Soul to take on the Tower Knight, but sadly they didn't survive until the end of the battle. Still, we emerged victorious against the iconic shielded bastion of a boss.

Then, we decided to head into one of the most beautifully remade levels, Latria. We headed through the prison area with its many doors, keys, and Cthulhu-esque Mind Flayer bell-wizards. I learned that a little cleric mace doesn't have the same effect as a claymore, halberd, or other big weapons on those octopi-sucking creatures, but we had a cool time playing around in the darkened halls all the same. Eventually, we took on the Fool's Idol and headed home to begin adventures in 2-1, delving deep into the earth and fire. Did you miss the stream? Check out the entire archived broadcast here.

But that, as they say, is in the past. Today's stream will take us to fight new horrors as we head to battle some much nastier demons. Flamelurker, Maneater, and more are on today's menu. Will we be able to handle the heat? Will we ever upgrade the little baby mace and find a weapon suited to cleave more dangerous demons in two? Will our grass supplies hold out? Find out the answer to all these questions and more as we go live with Demon's Souls at 2 PM CT.

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