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gamescom 2022

The Outlast Trials Highlights Wicked Experiments In New Gameplay Trailer

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 23, 2022 at 03:10 PM

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A product description for The Outlast Trials says players can expect "mind-numbing terror," and that's exactly what we see in the game's newest trailer. Plenty of blood is shed as humans are used as lab rats in Murkoff Corporation's Saw-like tests. In some cases, the tests just look like torture and flatout murder.

The game looks overly graphic, yet also brings about comparisons to BioShock's tone and storytelling conventions. It'll be interesting to see how the narrative sews all of these wild experiements together. The Outlast Trials is designed as both a single-player and cooperative experience. The player clearly is free to explore at certain points, and appears to rely on trap-like devices to fight back and escape. In one sequence, we see two players helping each other up to higher ground.

The footage concludes with news of a short closed beta running from October 28 to November 1. No other release date news was shared.

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