gamescom 2020

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Gets A Story Trailer, Launching Holiday 2020

by Daniel Tack on Aug 27, 2020 at 02:45 PM

At today's Gamescom Opening Night Live, Respawn showed off a new story trailer for the virtual reality game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.

In Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, you're recruited into the OSS (now CIA) and you'll be immersed in many different locales and scenarios from WWII. Like many other WWII games, you'll explore D-Day, Berlin, the Nazi secret weapon program, the French Resistance, and more. However, the entire journey being a virtual reality affair changes things significantly. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is expected to launch holiday season this year.

Take a look at the story trailer below for a look at what's coming, but realize that video can't really convey the VR experience.