XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within Expansion Adds New Abilities, Weapons, And Multiplayer Content
by Kyle Hilliard on Aug 21, 2013 at 05:09 AM
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Firaxis Games
Rating: Mature
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is getting an expansion this year that will add new weapons, abilities, and more multiplayer content, among many other additions.

The expansion will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac on November 12. With the expansion you will be able to add a  Genetic Lab to your base to create gene mods, as well as a Cybernetics Lab to create powerful Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuits. The upgrades also apply to your enemies as well, making them more powerful, for better or worse (mostly the latter).

You can check out the trailer and a number of screenshots in the gallery below. Later today, we will have a hands-on preview of the expansion, so look out for that.