War of the Roses

Fatshark Goes Full Retail With New Medieval PC Project
by Bryan Vore on Aug 22, 2011 at 12:16 PM
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Fatshark
Release: 2012
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PC

Fatshark and Paradox Interactive are teaming up to release War of the Roses on PC in 2012. The game takes place in 15th century England during a period of civil war between the houses Lancaster and York.

The game is billed by Paradox as "a team-based multiplayer melee combat experience." It plays in a third-person view, includes both a single-player campaign and online multiplayer, and features a upgrade system.

You may recognize Fatshark from online multiplayer western shooter Lead and Gold. The dev says it's improving on what it learned with that game and tailoring WotR for mostly melee combat. The solo campaign is designed to prepare gamers for multiplayer and offers several rewards that will transfer over.