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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Uncharted 3 Preview: Drake Stows Away
by Matt Bertz on Jun 07, 2011 at 03:22 PM

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Platform PlayStation 3
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer Naughty Dog
Rating Teen

Naughty Dog reveals a new chapter in the thrilling single-player campaign.

We join Nathan Drake and his on again/off again love interest Elena at a rather vacant airport under the moonlit cover of night. As they climb up to the top of a hangar their inevitable destination presents itself in the near-distant background -- a large cargo plane that's loading up for a journey. After the pair climbs down a ladder, only a gate stands between them and the plane.

Drake says he'll climb to the top of the fence and help Elena up, but instead of assisting the lady he drops to the other side. Elena gives him that "not again" look, and Drake makes an excuse about this being a million to one shot and him not wanting to put her in harm's way again. You can see the pain in Elena's eyes as she realizes he's not budging on his position, but she doesn't fight it. Drake points her to a nearby jeep and tells her to get the hell out of there.

Drake turns back to the task at hand, but before he can make it to the plane a gate comes crashing closed and bullets start flying. They've been expecting him. Drake dodges the fire, avoids an explosion, and makes his escape up a ladder. Drake always shines in these unpredictable circumstances, and Naughty Dog is doing its best to make him look more capable than ever. As he works his way to the plane, he leaps into a group of barrels and hits his feet like an agile street cat, jumps onto an enemy to take him out as he's moving toward his objective, and pulls armed foes from cover and neutralizes them with a punishing elbow. He successfully avoids the ambush, but it's to no avail -- the plane is already heading down the runway.

Living up to her reputation as a life saver, Elena screams onto the runway in the jeep and yells at Drake to grab on. His only shot is boarding the plane via the landing gear. Once Elena catches up to the plane, he leaps onto the wheels and works his way up to the belly of the plane before the landing gear turns him into pulp.

Alone in the dark bowels of the plane, Drake must work his way up to the cargo via a series of vents. He's spotted by a burly guy in a head scarf who doesn't take kindly to Drake's stowaway status. He yanks Drake through the grates, puts him in a choke hold with one hand, and uses the other to open the cargo door. Not too enthused about being thrown out of a plane at 30,000 feet, Drake says "let's talk about this." The massive man throws him onto the extended cargo door and a fist fight ensues. After landing a few good blows, Drake makes his way back into the plane and breaks loose some of the cargo, which hurdles violently out the black of the plane, taking out the tough guy in the process. 

The shifting cargo unsettles the rest of the gear, and Drake desperately fights against the tide of boxes and machinery. He tumbles over the gear as it pours out of the back of the plan, clinging at the last second to a loose piece of tarpaulin netting.

Just another day in the life of Nathan Drake.

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