Tribes: Ascend

Classic Shooter Resurrected As Free-To-Play
by Adam Biessener on Jun 28, 2011 at 06:30 AM
Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios
Developer: Hi-Rez Studios
Rating: Teen
Platform: PC

The sci-fi shooter franchise has been dormant for years, but Hi-Rez Studios (Global Agenda) is gearing up to put out a free-to-play sequel. Based on the video released today, the developers have a decent idea of what Tribes is all about.

Any skepticism I initially harbored toward this news was dispelled by the fact that the paleolithic Mac I'm currently working on choked on rendering the first-person gameplay video – because you move so freaking fast in Tribes: Ascend. Skating down hills, conserving momentum into kilometer-spanning leaps, feathering your jetpack controls to stick precise landings: this is what I'm talking about.

Previously announced as Tribes Universe last October, this is the first we've heard about the game in some time. Hi-Rez hasn't said if the previous info released still has any bearing on the project, but the video strongly implies that plenty of vehicles are in.

Hi-Rez says that it will be releasing more news soon as well as showing off more of the game at German gaming expo GamesCom in August, so stay tuned.