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Toy Rush

Uber Entertainment's Toy Rush Takes The Company From Bacon To Space To The Toy Box
by Mike Futter on Mar 20, 2014 at 09:36 PM

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Platform iOS
Publisher Tilting Point
Developer Uber Entertainment
Release May 2014
Rating Rating Pending

You may know Uber Entertainment from its foray into console arena shooters with Monday Night Combat and the free-to-play PC follow-up, Super Monday Night Combat. Perhaps you have ventured into space with the developer for Planetary Annihilation. Now, Uber is taking on a new platform, with a new twist on tower defense.

Toy Rush takes concepts popularized by SuperCell's Clash of Clans, including base management and asynchronous assaults on competitors, and welds on customizable tower defense pathing for adversaries to traverse. Everything in Toy Rush is based on childhood playthings, but more importantly, it's all handled with different types of cards.

There are one-time use and "super" varieties of the toys that are used for offense, the latter of which are powerful, level up, and are subject to a cooldown timer. Toys come in different classes, including tech (DPS), beast (burst damage and buffing), and plush (tanky hitters). Using toys a certain number of times rewards players with a mastery version to be used each battle.

When laying out your defenses, tower cards can be positioned and rotated for maximum effect. Tile cards, like gum that slows units down, impact toys walking over them.

Toy Rush is a free-to-play game, but the tickets, used for purchase of unit packs flow freely. Caps, the premium currency, are used for card packs that include towers, cleanup items that clear out defenders' jacks and other hazards, and cosmetic upgrades.

The title features a full single-player campaign with 50 missions, each of which awards three cards and some tickets. Daily challenges give players the opportunity to test their skill and raise their player level, enabling the use of more powerful toys and defenses.

Toy Rush is in soft launch right now in Canada, and Uber expects to release worldwide in early May. It's a smart blend of tower defense and custom base design, and if it manages to walk the free-to-play tightrope well, I can see it catching on. Uber has a strong track record, and that has me cautiously optimistic about Toy Rush, despite using a monetization model from which I typically shy away.

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