Tower of Guns

Trailer Takes You Inside The Fast-Paced Roguelike
by Jon Gregory on Apr 01, 2015 at 09:22 AM
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Publisher Grip Games
Developer Terrible Posture Games
Rating Everyone 10+

Tower of Guns is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PS3 next week, and developer Terrible Posture Games has released a new trailer.

A fast-paced, roguelike shooter, Tower of Guns is one of the rare games that managed to claw its way up out of Steam’s Greenlight program. The game’s old-school shooter sensibilities struck a chord with PC players and the game finally moved out of Early Access in March 2014. Check out the trailer below to see it in action.

Terrible Posture Games has teamed up with Grip Games for the console port, and Tower of Guns is hitting PS3 and PS4 as a downloadable title on April 7. The game is free for PlayStation Plus members this month, and is releasing at $14.99 on Xbox One on April 10.

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