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Total War: Warhammer

Cinematic Trailer Shows Emperor Karl Franz In Massive Total War: Warhammer Battle
by Jeff Cork on Jul 17, 2015 at 04:46 AM
Platform PC, Mac
Publisher Sega
Developer Creative Assembly
Rating Teen

Emperor Karl Franz isn't the kind of leader who's afraid to get his hands dirty on the battlefield, as evidenced in a new Total War: Warhammer trailer. The in-engine cinematic shows the Battle of Fire Pass, which pits the Empire against the Greenskins.

The clip may not have a shred of gameplay in it, but it does capture the feel of a fantasy battle. It's also a great showcase for the Demigryphs, which we saw earlier this week in another trailer. It's clearer than ever that Creative Assembly wasn't joking around when they said these lion/eagle hybrids were an invaluable tool of war.

Footage from the entirety of the battle will be coming in a few weeks, on July 30. In addition, Sega says it will include a developer walkthrough to provide greater context for all the action.

Total War: Warhammer is coming to PC and Mac later this year.

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