Drool's Thumper Introduces Us To Psychedelic 'Rhythm Violence' In 2016
by Mike Futter on Jun 08, 2015 at 09:40 AM
Publisher: Drool
Developer: Drool
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PlayStation 4, Stadia, PC

Rhythm games tend to make an impression with their heavy bass beats, entrancing visuals, and white-knuckle gameplay. Titles like Rez and Amplitude work their way into our hearts and take up residence there. Drool's Thumper hopes to set up shop next to them.

Thumper features streamlined gameplay that uses one thumbstick and a single button. Despite that surface-level simplicity, Drool says that the game requires a steady hand as you'll be required to master more advanced moves as the game progresses.

There's also an "insane giant head from the future" called Crakhed. Keep that in mind while watching.

The duo behind Thumper have experience working with rhythm and music games. Brian Gibson is the bassist for the band Lightning Bolt and worked as an artist on both Guitar Hero and Rock Band, as well as Amplitude. Marc Flurry is also a Harmonix veteran who was lead programmer on The Beatles: Rock Band and Dance Central. Thumper will be out on PlayStation 4 and PC next year.