This War of Mine

This War Of Mine's Refugee Life Is Headed To Tablets
by Mike Futter on Jun 03, 2015 at 06:29 AM
Platform PC, iOS, Android
Publisher 11 Bit Studios
Developer 11 Bit Studios
Rating Not rated

When we first previewed 11 bit Studio's This War of Mine beginning at GDC 2013, we asked the team if it was planning a tablet release. The game is perfectly designed for touch-based play, and putting the game's tense look at war from another angle on that platform seemed like a smart move.

We reiterated the question in subsequent previews, and it became clear 11 bit was considering the move. Today, the studio has announced its plans to bring This War of Mine to touch devices.

Along with the announcement comes the first trailer for this version. The interactive demo below gives new players an idea of what they'll be up against as they struggle to survive.


For more on This War of Mine, check out our review of the PC version. No release date has been announced for the tablet versions.

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