The Wonderful 101

Extended Trailer Shows Off Characters, Unite Morphs
by Mike Futter on Aug 09, 2013 at 05:52 AM
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Platinum Games
Rating: Teen
Platform: Wii U

This morning's Nintendo Direct was all about The Wonderful 101, and it concluded with an extended trailer. The 20-minute long presentation included details about the controls and the different ways in which players will be able to combat the enemy. All of these details can also be found in our San Diego Comic-Con preview.

In the trailer, you'll meet a number of the cartoonish stereotyped characters and see the different Unite Morphs they bring to the table. The Wonderful 101 is out in North America on September 15. A demo was released today on the eShop for Europe and Japan, but it has not been made available here yet.