The Walking Dead Episode One: A New Day

Walking Dead's Zombies Shamble Into Action In Debut Trailer
by Jeff Cork on Mar 20, 2012 at 04:18 AM
Publisher: Telltale Games
Developer: Telltale Games
Rating: 17+
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, iOS

Telltale Games has released the first glimpse of its Walking Dead game in action in its debut trailer. It's mostly an exercise in building atmosphere – the in-game content only appears near the end of the clip – but it does show how Telltale is incorporating the strong graphic style of the comics in its adaptation.

"This trailer really shows off how our artists have managed to take the 2D art style of the comic books and create a 3D world allowing fans to truly interact with Robert Kirkman's world for the very first time," said Dan Connors, Telltale co-founder and CEO. "We hope that fans will like what they see and be excited by the chance to join the cast of the game; we promise they'll die horribly!"

"Telltale has done a phenomenal job in making a game that meets the expectations of fans," added Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead. "Running around with a gun isn't what The Walking Dead is about; it's about how people caught in an apocalypse deal with facing their own death every day, and the horrible choices they have to make to survive. Telltale's game series has captured the spirit of the comic books perfectly."

The game is being released in late April on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac. Each of the five monthly episodes will set you back 400 Microsoft Points/$4.99, or you can purchase a season pass for the PC and Mac versions for $24.99. If you preorder the game from Telltale, you can save 10 percent, and also have a chance to be modeled in the game as a human who is killed and then returns in zombie form. Yikes!