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The Saboteur

Look Out, Nazis, Sean Devlin Is On Your Trail
by Bryan Vore on Sep 30, 2009 at 02:25 PM
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Pandemic Studios
Rating Mature

Back in April 2007, we debuted the first details on Saboteur’s racecar driving World War II spy hero Sean Devlin. Since then, while the dev team quietly worked away, EA acquired developer Pandemic and added “the” to the name. “In a way, everything and nothing has changed since then,” says lead designer Tom French. “Every system, mechanic, story point, and mission have all gone through iterations and changes, but at the core, we’re still making an open world action game with Sean’s revenge story and a WWII setting. With all of these tweaks and changes though, the game now definitely feels like the game we wanted to make.”

Sean manages to handle his role as an Indiana Jones-style action star well. He transitions easily between explosive gunplay, bone-cracking punches, sneaky building climbing, and pedal-to-the-metal getaways. The game begins at a big race in Saarbrücken, a town on the German/French border. Sean drives for Morini Racing, a major rival of the Nazi-backed Doppelsieg team, and gets caught up in some serious trouble. “It escalates very quickly and builds up to something gone horribly, horribly wrong,” French says. “What starts out seemingly innocent turns out to be something very fatal and essentially sends Sean on his revenge spree to right what was wronged.”

Sean must fight his way across several locations in Germany and France, but Paris is the largest and most detailed city in the game. The team went as far as basing the layout on real 1940s maps. As the player fights to free the people and clear the Nazi occupation, city zones change from a black and white color palette to vibrant color at the precise moment of a major Nazi crushing event. “These moments range from breaking out resistance members to blowing up a giant cannon installed on a city building to taking down a Nazi train to wiping out a base full of Nazi defenses and more,” French says. We’re excited to get our hands on this one soon.

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