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by Tim Turi on Oct 15, 2013 at 09:00 AM

We revealed in our cover story on The Order: 1886 that developer Ready At Dawn is fusing Arthurian lore with an alternate view of 1886 London. The group we call the Knights of the Round Table is referred to in this new game as The Order – a force of dedicated individuals founded by King Arthur centuries ago to confront horrifying half-breed creatures. In the year 1886, Sir Galahad is one of the most respected knights in The Order, but he needs all the help he can get fighting the rebels and other threats lurking among London. These are three of Galahad’s most trusted allies in his battles throughout much of the game.

Name: Isabeau D’Argyll
Alias: Lady Igraine

If you’ve read tales about King Arthur, you may remember his mother was named Lady Igraine. In The Order: 1886, Lady Igraine is a youthful-looking warrior named Isabeau D’Argyll. She and Galahad have a close but guarded relationship which started with her as his knight in training. Over the years the two become fond of one another, though their allegiance to The Order forbids them from ever acting on any underlying feelings. Isabeau’s character extends beyond her relationship with Galahad, however. She is strong-willed, skilled in combat, and fiercely loyal to The Order. “Isabeau is every bit the knight that Galahad is,” says Ru Weerasuriya, creative director on The Order: 1886. “There’s this kind of rivalry between them.”

Name: Sebastian Malory
Alias: Sir Percival

In Ready At Dawn’s story, the title of Sir Percival belongs to a man named Sebastian Malory. Enthusiasts of Arthurian lore may recall that Sir Thomas Malory is the 15th century author of the original Le Morte d’Arthur. In The Order, the gray-bearded Malory is the most seasoned warrior in Galahad’s squad. Malory acts as a trustworthy mentor to Galahad and personifies The Order’s noble agenda to protect the people of London. Malory and Galahad share joint tempered loyalty to The Order, and are close friends because of it.

Name: Marquis de Lafayette
Alias: Pending

Lafayette is The Order’s newest knight-in-training, but he’s no green recruit. The famed Marquis de Lafayette is an actual historic figure who made his name fighting in both the French and American Revolutions. The Order contacts Lafayette and opens his eyes to the larger scale conflict the organization was formed to fight. His strategic expertise and knowledge of the battlefield makes him an invaluable addition to Galahad’s squad, even if he hasn’t earned his knightly name yet. This apprentice has a brash, whimsical sense of humor that lightens the squad’s oftentimes grim demeanor.

Check back later this month for a deeper look into the final knight in the squad and the main character of The Order – Sir Galahad.

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