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The Last of Us

Latest Dev Diary Shows Joel's Resourceful Side
by Jeff Cork on May 20, 2013 at 04:41 AM

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Platform PlayStation 3
Publisher SCEA
Developer Naughty Dog
Rating Mature

Items are limited in The Last of Us' post-apocalyptic world, and it's up to the player to make the best of those remaining resources. As a new developer diary shows, there's more to it than merely rummaging through drawers to find ammunition.

Joel is resourceful, and one of the ways that attribute manifests itself in the game is through its crafting system. Players can combine items to create new items. It's not a groundshaking innovation, but the video below shows that there's more to it than what we've seen in other titles. Several combinations can be used to create either offensive or defensive concoctions. For instance, the ingredients used to make a medkit also happen to be the same ones that Joel can combine to make a molotov. It's up to players to determine which items are likely to be most beneficial.

See how it works in the clip below.

Naughty Dog has released several other videos in its dev diary series as well, which follow. For a look at how the team created the game's run-down wasteland, click the video below.

And for an in-depth look at the game's infected enemies, watch this one.

For more information on the Last of Us, including exclusive interviews and video features with the development team, be sure to check out our Last of Us hub by clicking on the banner below.

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