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The Last of Us

New Developer Diary Shows Off The Environment
by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 09, 2013 at 04:16 AM
Platform PlayStation 3
Publisher SCEA
Developer Naughty Dog
Rating Mature

The latest developer diary for Naughty Dog's The Last of Us looks at the environment of a collapsed plague-stricken world. Alongside Ellie and Joel, the environment is one of The Last of Us' most important characters, showcasing beauty and destruction all at once. At least, that is what Naughty Dog wants players to think while they explore and look around.

Along with many interviews with Naughty Dog's assorted artists, you also get a look at some gameplay, and see just how much work goes into creating a dilapidated apartment.

The Last of Us is coming to PlayStation 3 June 14. Be sure to check out our Last of Us coverage hub, which contains all kinds of features for the game, by clicking the banner below.

[via PlayStation blog]

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