The King of Fighters XIV

More New Characters Revealed In Gameplay Trailer
by AJ Moser on Jul 28, 2016 at 10:00 AM
Platform PlayStation 4
Publisher Atlus
Developer SNK
Rating Teen

The King of Fighters XIV boasts a solid roster of 50 characters, including some brand new additions to the series. Our latest look at the game introduces us to Team Psycho Solider, who aren't psychos or soldiers.

Team Psycho Soldier joins the tournament of King of Fighters XIV looking like some of the less-experienced characters, but each bring their own unique style and threats. You can get familiar with each character and their moves in the new trailer below.

Athena is a famous pop star who uses psionic abilities to attack opponents. Kensou is a high school student obsessed with dragons who uses a mix of Kung Fu and psychic abilities. The third member and mentor of the team, Chin, gets drunk to fool his enemies into letting their guard down and unleashes a flurry of Kung Fu.

Team Psycho Soldier joins a growing roster that includes Team Kim and Team Fatal Fury. The King of Fighters XIV hits the PlayStation 4 on August 23, but you can download a demo now.

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