TheHunter: Primal

Hunting History's Most Dangerous Predators
by Sam Stewart on Nov 24, 2014 at 06:49 AM
Platform PC
Publisher Expansive Worlds
Developer Expansive Worlds
Release December 2014
Rating Rating Pending

Expansive Worlds' TheHunter is a free-to-play shooter that offers a realistic hunting experience on your PC. But recently some members of the studio (as well as staff from their partner company, Avalanche Studios) started work on a side project involving dinosaurs, and the rest of the team took notice. It was turned into a full release, a game called TheHunter: Primal.

TheHunter: Primal, much like its predecessor, is a realistic hunting simulator. But Expansive Worlds says survival and exploration will play a much bigger part in hunting (and being hunted by) these dangerous dinos. 

They also stress that Primal is not just a quick cash in. The game will feature improved character models, sound design, intra-species interactions, and of course, improved enemy AI. 

During our recent cover story trip for Just Cause 3, Avalanche Studios' co-founder Christofer Sundberg dropped some hints about this project. "I think dinosaurs are becoming the new zombies… there are those little tags you can use in the Steam store and I type in dinosaurs and then buy every game that comes out," he says. "I'm not a huge fan of dinosaurs, but I'm doing quite a lot of research in the field of dinosaurs."

TheHunter: Primal will be released sometime before Christmas on PC as a paid, standalone product. No price has yet been announced, though players of TheHunter will receive a discount offer.

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