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The Gunstringer

Pulling The Strings Of Gunstringer
by Ben Reeves on Jun 07, 2011 at 01:21 PM
Platform Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Developer Twisted Pixel
Rating Teen

We’ve seen a little bit of Twisted Pixels new Kinect shooter, but at this year’s E3 we got to see some of the gameplay that Twisted Pixel has crafted that doesn’t revolve around shooting.

Our demo started off with the Gunstringer making his way through the sands of a Wild West dessert when suddenly a shower of runaway boulders started to barreling down the hill after him. Holding out our left hand like we were gripping a marionette’s strings we were able to navigate the Gunstringer through the obstacles and jump over ditches by raising our hand in a quick motion.

After we’d dodge all the boulders, we entered into an action focused sequence. The level continued to move forward on a prescripted path, so we had to continue to hold out our hand to navigate the Gunstringer around obstacles, but we were also able to knock out several enemy cowboys by punching them with our right hand. Thankfully, southpaws will be able to swap the controls around if they’d rather move the Gunstringer with the left hand and punch with their right.

Overall we had a lot of fun with Gunstringer. It’s a crazy, and often humorous game, and we appreciate the variety of gameplay contained in this package. The only problem is how tired your arms get after holding them out for a while. Hopefully we’ll be able to rest our hands against a char’s armrest once we bring this title home. While Gunstringer used to be a downloadable title, it sounds like Microsoft and Twisted Pixel have bumped the game up to the world of physical retail discs. We don’t have any pricing info yet, but it will be shipping this September.

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