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30 Wacky And Gross Things You Can Do In The Forest

by Javy Gwaltney on May 15, 2018 at 10:20 AM

The Forest is a gripping game that mixes horror and the survival-sandbox genre into something special. However, it's also a game where you can get into all sorts of wild shenanigans. Here are 30 of the wackiest, grossest, and most bizarre things you can do in the game.

1. Kill a turtle and then use its shell as an improvised sled.

2. Use your downed flight's passenger list to track down all your fellow passengers to find out what happened to them and steal their clothes and wristwatches. It's not like they need that stuff anymore, I guess.

3. Find some human bones. Make a club. Or, better yet, wear someone's skeleton as armor!

4. Break open suitcases to find little travel-sized booze bottles that you can turn into molotov cocktails. Or drink. Whatever.

5. Go on a scavenging hunt and blow up secret mounds with dynamite to discover gun parts that you can use to build a flintlock pistol!

6. Take a break from all of the murder and mayhem to tend to your garden.

7. Find a stick. Wrap a cloth around it. Set cloth on fire. Beat cannibal to flaming death with a big Stick 'O Death.

8. Use that hairspray can you found in a piece of luggage with your lighter to barbecue any cannibal dumb enough to mess with you.

9. Just got into a fight? Hunger meter going down? Take your axe and chop up your enemy's corpse. Not only can you recycle your foes' bones into weapons and even furniture, but you can also cook their flesh and chow down if you're desperate for food.

10. Play a multiplayer session so you and a fellow player can fight the forces of cannibalism while clinging to dwindling sanity. Yay!

11. Build a bird feeder into the side of your cabin. Slap any of those unfortunate fellows with a womping stick and then cook them.

12. Build a bomb using only a circuit board, duct tape, watch, and some coins. If you want to go for a gross-out, stick the bomb inside one of the severed heads of your foes and play catch with the next group of jerks you find.

13. Try to hug a shark underwater. Regret the choice.

14. Are a bunch of cannibals bothering you or your base? Build a giant, gory scarecrow from the bones of their comrades and then set it on fire to send them howling in terror.

15. Find some red paint. Throw it on. Run around to scare the cannibals.

16. Kill a lizard. Fashion armor out of surprisingly durable hide.

17. Go hunt down your missing son. Like a good (boring) parent.

18. Speaking of your boy, you can find drawings he's left behind all over the island then decorate your cabin with them. They look really nice next to the skull lamps.

19. Why settle for setting enemies on fire with a molotov when you can build an elaborate trap that does it for you while guarding your base?

20. Build a drying rack. Hang up your collection of human feet and arms for the world to see, you weirdo.

21. That turtle shell we mentioned a few points back? You can also use it to collect rain for drinking water, if you don't want to go sledding.

22. Collect human teeth. Weld them onto your weapons to make them more powerful. That's ... uh ... cool? Is that the right word? Yeah. We'll go with that. Sure.

23. Thump a foe in the face with a pebble from a slingshot and watch him fall to his doom.

24. Collect cassette tapes. Blare arena rock as you run through the forest, pursued by cannibals.

25. Find a katana. Hunt squirrels with it.

26. Delve into dark caverns and beat angry naked men to death with a rock when they scream at you.

27. Eat all the mushrooms, even the poisonous ones, because you're the adventurous type and your bowels are godly.

28. Speaking of poison, why not scrub your weapons with the poisonous berries and mushrooms you collect so they deal more damage to your foes, and then you can mock them for being felled by the local flora?

29. Build a trophy stand in your log cabin. Show what a big game hunter you are by hanging a crocodile, lizard, or even squirrel's head on it.

30. Lose a fight to an enemy for a big, nasty surprise....

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