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Horror Game The Flock Scares Up Release Date
by Matt Bertz on Aug 12, 2015 at 06:12 AM
Publisher: Vogelsap
Developer: Vogelsap
Release: Q3 2015
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PC

Death is coming to all players of The Flock sooner than you think. Today developer Vogelsap announced its asymmetrical multiplayer first-person horror game is coming to PC on August 21. 

The Flock has attracted attention from horror fans with its unique premise. Every multiplayer match starts with each player as a member of the Flock. The first person to find the Light Artifact (which spawns randomly on the map) becomes the Carrier, who must then defend him or herself against the Flock by aiming the light at the pursuers. Flock members who get caught moving in the light perish forever so standing still is key to surviving. Should a member of the Flock kill the Carrier, they assume the role and the dead player respawns as one of the Flock.  

If they remain still, however, they live. Games are won by capturing objectives as the Carrier or by keeping the artifact lit for a certain period of time. Don't think grabbing the artifact guarantees a win. By killing the Carrier, members of the Flock can steal the Light Artifact and become the new Carrier. The dead player will then respawn as one of the Flock. Players win the game by capturing objectives as the Carrier. The Flock can win by forcing the Carrier to keep the light on long enough that it extinguishes. 

When community deaths reach a certain threshold, Vogelsap will stop selling The Flock and begin some sort of finale for those who are still playing the game. This means eventually the game will shut down forever, which may turn off some potential buyers but attract those looking for an unconventional experience. 

You can watch the game in action here:

You can learn more about the Flock by checking out our previous preview.

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