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The Climb

Crytek’s Upcoming VR Game The Climb Blends Eco-Tourism And Kinect Sports Rivals
by Mike Futter on Dec 15, 2015 at 08:29 AM
Platform PC
Publisher Crytek
Developer Crytek
Rating Not rated

Crytek is working on an exclusive game for Oculus’ upcoming Rift virtual reality display. It’s not a first-person shooter or a deep epic adventure. It’s a game about climbing.

Appropriately titled The Climb, Crytek hopes to take players to areas of the globe they might not otherwise be able to visit. While you’ll be able to use an Xbox One controller (there’s one bundled with every Rift), the trailer below seems to imply a better experience with Oculus’ upcoming Touch controllers.

If there’s a story to The Climb, Crytek hasn’t made it clear yet. If you’re so inclined, you can imagine that it stars The Addams Family’s Thing (a hand without a body) on a world tour with his significant other, Lady Fingers.

Climbing like this has been attempted before in Rare’s Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One. While that relied expressly on the Kinect sensor and not a controller or hybrid motion-control/gamepad like the Touch, the concept was similar.

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