Tales of Hearts R

A Tale Of Two Siblings
by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 22, 2014 at 04:00 AM
Platform PlayStation Vita
Publisher Bandai Namco
Developer 7th Chord
Rating Teen

Revealed slightly earlier than planned last week, the Tales series is getting its first Vita release in North America this year with Tales of Hearts R.

At a recent Bandai Namco event, the publisher announced its intentions to localize Tales of Hearts R for North Ameica. In a survey issued by the publisher, Heart R was the Tales game most requested by fans for release in North America.

The game which Bandai Namco refers to as a flagship entry in the Tales series, follows the story of a pair of siblings, Husui and Kohaku Hearts. The two are teamed up with protagonist Kor Meteor, seen above on the left,  in search of special legendary Soma weapons.

We saw the game’s opening animated cutscene which featured Husui and Kohaku outrunning a witch. This is a strange comparison to make, but with her odd clothing, the witch looked a lot like the Pokémon Groudon, featured on the cover of Pokémon Ruby. In their attempts to outrun her, Husui and Kohaku leap from a cliff into the waters below, which leads them to a beach town where they meet Kor. Kor already has a Soma weapon inherited from his family, so the three team up to both find more. Early in the game, Kohaku’s spiria, or soul, is shattered by the witch, so their journey expands to both find the weapons, and to find and rebuild Kohalu’s spiria.

The game’s combat system, impressively titled the aerial chase linear motion battle system will have you taking on enemies by combo-ing them into the air for more in-air action than previous Tales games.

Tales of Hearts R will be available for Vita this winter.

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