Sword Coast Legends

Sword Coast Legends On PC Lets You Quest As A Hero Or Torment As The Dungeon Master
by Mike Futter on Feb 12, 2015 at 07:57 AM
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Developer Digital Extremes
Rating Teen

It’s been 16 years since BioWare released Baldur’s Gate, giving us a groundbreaking quest in the Forgotten Realms. Since then, that series’ legacy has touched so many titles (including BioWare’s Dragon Age series). Later this year, we’ll be able to return to that Dungeon & Dragons setting.

Digital Extremes and N-Space have announced Sword Coast Legends for PC. The title looks reminiscent of Baldur’s Gate and is helmed by Dragon Age: Origins director Dan Tudge.

Sword Coast Legends features a campaign for one to four players and a dungeon master mode. It’s up for pre-purchase now via the game’s website. You’ll need a Steam account, but the game isn’t be sold via that storefront, as some of the options come with physical items that will ship later.

You can either purchase a solo version of the game (with two different upgraded Collector’s Edition, including one priced at $239.99) or gather four friends for one of the “campaign” packages. The campaign packages include a choice of one of the upgraded versions and four additional standard keys for your party. 

If you opt for the campaign digital deluxe edition, it saves you $40 over purchasing the component items separately. The limited edition bundle (including a yet to be designed statue) saves you $30 over the component items.

According to the FAQ, it appears that the Steam keys are delivered immediately upon purchase, but the game won’t populate in your library until it’s ready. You can read the fine print on the Sword Coast Legends website, but given that the PC requirements aren’t available, you might not want to jump in with a purchase quite yet.

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