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Mewtwo Returns And 54 Other Things We Learned About Super Smash Bros. Wii U
by Mike Futter on Oct 23, 2014 at 01:06 PM
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Nintendo took more than 30 minutes this evening to run down more than 50 details about Super Smash Bros. Wii U. We captured them all, and there are some interesting tidbits on the list.

The biggest news was also the last. Mewtwo is returning to Super Smash Bros. He's going to be available only if you own both the 3DS and Wii U versions and even then not until Spring 2015. In other words, don't anticipate any other DLC characters before then. 

Here's the full list:

  1. Characters - More characters will be available to start with in the Wii U version (more than 40).
  2. Resolution - The 3DS version is 400x240. The Wii U edition will be 1920x1080p. No frame rate was mentioned.
  3. 8-player battles - These will be available for local competition on some stages only.
  4. Bigger stages - Palutena’s Temple, Temple, and Big Battlefield are three of them. These won't appear often in the multiplayer rotation and are designed for battles with more than four competitors.
  5. Danger Zone - These new areas will do damage if you touch them. If you're at 100 percent damage or higher, touching them is an instant KO. The Great Cave Offensive is one example of a stage designed with these in mind.
  6. Dual Plane Battling - Some stages like Jungle Hijinx will have a foreground and background. You'll move between them with Donkey Kong Country-style blast barrels.
  7. Number of stages - Some of the Wii U stages: Mushroom Garden U, Find Mii, Super Mario 3D Land, Gerudo Valley, Colosseum, and Kalos Pokémon League. Despite the heading, the specific number of stages was not mentioned.
  8. Miiverse Stage - Nintendo will gather posts about all the fighters, which will appear on this special stage. It won’t be ready at launch, as Nintendo will need to collect your posts.
  9. Palutena’s Guidance - This tutorial option gives you a chance to learn more about the fighters.
  10. Metal Face - This boss from Xenoblade shows up on the Gaur Plain stage at night. You'll be able to KO him.
  11. Ridley - On the Pyrosphere stage, Ridley will attack. If you do enough damage, he'll join you. He can also transform into Meta Ridley. If you KO him, you'll earn a point. 
  12. Coin Battles - In addition to time and stock fights, this casual mode tasks players with collecting the coins that get knocked out of fighters when they are hit.
  13. Stamina Battle - Your HP reduces down to 0 like other fighting games.
  14. Special Smash - These are just for fun, but allow you to tweak the rules by making characters larger, messing with the gravity and speed, and more.
  15. Item Frequency - You can adjust which items appear and how frequently. Choose from Low, Med, High, or None.
  16. My Music - You can adjust the frequency of all of the game's music appearing. Dial up the ones you like, drop the ones you don't.
  17. Menu Music - You can also change the menu music to different versions of Smash Bros.
  18. Tons of Music - There's significantly more than on the 3DS, but most of those tracks are present, too.
  19. Composers - More music means more composers.
  20. CDs - Collect CDs to unlock music. They are found while battling or as rewards.
  21. Challenges - There are 140 different challenges in the Wii U version.
  22. Classic - Like on the 3DS, you can adjust the difficulty for better rewards. However, your route to the final showdown is based on skill rather than the path you choose. There is also a two-player option.
  23. Clear Movies - Defeating Classic and All-Star mode unlocks movies for each fighter.
  24. All-Star Mode - Take on all fighters with a limited number of healing items. They appear in reverse chronology based on their first appearance. There is also a two-player option.
  25. Event Mode - These themed battles appear on a map. It seems similar to the challenge mode in Soul Calibur II. There is also a two-player option on a separate map.
  26. Smash Tour - This party game is set up like a board game for up to four players. You spin the wheel to advance your Mii, collect items and fighters for battle, and fight against all the players if two Miis are on the same space. The winner steals fighters from the loser(s). The final battle is a stock battle based on the number of fighters you've collected.
  27. Target Blast - Similar to the 3DS version, except the second bomb is larger on the Wii U.
  28. Group Stadium - Four player modes for target blast, home run contest, and others.
  29. Special Orders - Master Hand and Crazy Hand challenges. Master Hand: Complete challenges on the tickets you receive. These can only be attempted once. Succeed and you earn rewards. Crazy Hand: Spend gold or a pass to enter a survival mode. When you've had enough face off against Crazy Hand in an all-or-nothing battle.
  30. Master Fortress - A new transformation for Master Hand in addition to Master Core, Master Shadow, Master Edges, Master Beast, and Master Giant. Only appears on higher intensity levels. Like a large labyrinth.
  31. Controllers - Gamepad, Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, Wii U Pro, Gamecube with adapter, USB Gamecube Controller, 3DS
  32. Gamecube Controller Adapter - Four ports for classic Gamecube controllers. USB Gamecube controllers will be sold.
  33. 3DS as controller - You can use the 3DS as a controller, but you need the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros.
  34. Connecting to 3DS - Transfer your custom fighters from 3DS to Wii U. Everything is carried over, including equipment, Mii Fighters, costumes, and hats.
  35. Tons of Trophies - More than 3DS version. There are a number of trophies from home console games.
  36. Final Smash Trophies - These are larger dioramas of the Final Smashes. You can earn them by surviving all-star mode.
  37. Trophy Boxes - Display areas for your trophies organized by theme (Pokémon, Wind Waker, Super Mario Bros., etc.)
  38. Photo Studio - You can arrange your trophies and take pictures.
  39. Trophy Rush - Just like on the 3DS, but also two-player compatible.
  40. Masterpieces - These are snippets of classic Nintendo games, including Super Mario World, Pac-Man, Mario Kart, Mega Man 2, Dr. Mario, Pilot Wings, Wrecking Crew, F-Zero, Metroid, Punch-Out!, Kid Icarus, Balloon Fight, Kirby’s Adventure, Zelda II, and Super Mario Bros. These are all time-limited. If you want to play the entire game, it will take you to the eShop to purchase.
  41. Amiibo - These appear as Figure Players (FP) when synced to the game. You can feed them extra equipment, fight against them, team up, and have them fight each other to earn experience and level up. They'll bring you presents from their battles.
  42. Internet Connection - Wii LAN Adapter is compatible with the Wii U and recommended if you don't have a stable WiFi connection.
  43. Automatic Notifications - These will show up on the main menu.
  44. Friends and Tags - When playing online in the "with anyone" mode, you can team up with someone on the couch next to you for online play.
  45. Tourneys - This feature is coming after launch. You'll be able to host your own tourneys.
  46. Tournaments - These are official 64-player tournaments that will be held.
  47. Gamepad - Can either display what's on the television or player data. 
  48. Paint - You can pause, take a snapshot, and draw on it with the stylus. In a post-launch update, you'll be able to share these with friends online.
  49. Voice Chat - You can use the Gamepad microphone before or after matches, but not during.
  50. Stage Builder - The stage builder makes use of the Gamepad touch screen. Draw with stylus to create the basic map, add damage areas, and place items. You can select which music you'd like for your creation. You'll be able to share these with a post-launch update.
  51. Sharing - Coming sometime after launch, you'll be able to share photos, replays, mii fighters, and stages online.
  52. Modes - For Glory, For Fun, Battling with Friends, Conquest, Spectate
  53. Movies - Here you can view all the "Joined the Battle" movies.
  54. Sound Test - By purchasing both the 3DS and Wii U versions for a limited time, you can get a free 2-disc soundtrack Red (3DS) and Blue (Wii U).
  55. Mewtwo - As mentioned above, he will be available Spring 2015 only by owning both versions.

There you have it. A ton of info (some old, some new) about the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.

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