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Watch A New Level From The Nintendo World Championship
by Suriel Vazquez on Oct 08, 2017 at 04:30 PM
Platform Switch
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Rating Everyone 10+

The Nintendo World Championships were yesterday and hosted a number of Nintendo-themed gaming challenges for some of the world's best players to take on. The entire event (embedded below) is worth watching, but the final challenge is the most interesting, since it features a brand-new level from Super Mario Odyssey.

The challenges (which you can watch starting at the 4:34:54 mark in the video) had the final two competitors for the event, John Numbers and Thomas G, fighting for a five-second head start in the final challenge, which featured a boss fight from Odyssey. The new levels featured several 2D-platforming segments, some tricky flicking using Cappy, and an ice level featuring deadly rings and rotating platforms.

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