Super Mario Odyssey

Overview Trailer Shows Off Delightfully Wacky World
by Elise Favis on Oct 07, 2017 at 12:01 PM
Platform Switch
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Rating Everyone 10+

As we inch towards Super Mario Odyssey's release later this month, Nintendo is trickling out new details surrounding the highly anticipated platformer. The newest trailer gives fans an overview of Mario's capture ability, along with new game modes including Assist Mode and co-op.

The trailer gives a lot of rapid-fire information about Mario's powers, such as how Cappy can help him reach higher places and the numerous beings he can capture. With the Odyssey, a giant hat-shaped flying ship, Mario can traverse the world to reach its many kingdoms. We also see more of the photo mode in action, where you can pause gameplay to take a snapshot, as well as a quick overview of several minigames that are scattered around the world.

Co-op is shown briefly in the video, where you can pass a joy-con to a friend to play together. In this mode, one player controls Mario while the other takes control of Cappy. We also learn about Assist Mode, which gives players some guidance through the campaign, such as arrows pointing you in the right direction and second chances if you fall to your death.

To see all of this in action, check out the video below.

For more on Super Mario Odyssey, read our hands-on impressions and watch this video to see how wacky this platformer can get. Super Mario Odyssey releases on October 27 for Nintendo Switch.

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