Super Mario Maker

Take A Look At These New Features
by Hershall Cook on Aug 12, 2015 at 08:57 AM
Platform Wii U
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
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Nintendo has pulled back the curtain on Super Mario Maker, offering a close look at a few of the game's systems. 

Players intimidated by the challenge of building Mario levels can relax. Super Mario Maker introduces its content over a nine day period, with more advanced tools, objects, and mechanics becoming available to players after they spend more time with the editor. Making the creative process even more exciting are new obstacles that have never appeared in a Mario game before. Dedicated Mario fans may be familiar with Note Blocks; by shaking the stylus, players transform Note Blocks into Music Blocks.

When activated, Music Blocks play a note based on their height, allowing gamers to compose original songs. Perhaps the most exciting feature revealed in this overview relates to Amiibos. Super Mario Maker is compatible with more than 50 Amiibo, each changing Mario's appearance. If you've ever wanted to see the Wii Fit Trainer jump on Koopas, you'll have your chance when Super Mario Maker releases this fall.

Super Mario Maker releases for Wii U on September 11. While you wait, read about the seven other franchises that would also benefit from a level editor.

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