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Uppercut Games Announces Gorgeous Adventure Is Coming To PlayStation 4
by Brian Shea on Apr 24, 2015 at 01:00 PM
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher Uppercut Games
Developer Uppercut
Rating Everyone 10+

Update: This post has been modified to clarify that this is an announcement for it appearing on PlayStation 4. It was previously announced on Xbox One.

Original Story:

Uppercut Games, the studio behind the EPOCH series, has announced that its new exploration adventure title is coming to the PlayStation 4. Submerged places players in a city that has become mysteriously flood and overgrown with vegetation.

The story follows siblings Miku and Taku, who arrive in this city by boat. Taku is wounded, so it is up to his older sister Miku to carry him to shelter and take care of him as he recovers. From there, players must guide Miku as she scours for supplies by traveling around the city in her boat and scaling the buildings. Unfortunately, the buildings aren't in the best of shape, so this probably isn't the safest thing for Miku to be doing. Despite this, the game has been designed so that Miku cannot die, encouraging exploration and promoting a relaxing tone throughout the adventure.

As players guide Miku, they will learn more about the world and how the city fell into this sunken state. Players will also uncover more about Miku and Taku through this adventure, giving insight into why they have traveled to the flooded city. Music is provided by BAFTA-Award Winner Jeff Van Dyck, who has worked on the Total War series as well as Alien: Isolation, two series with vastly different feels from this one. Check out the announcement trailer above to see what Submerged is all about.

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