Shinobido 2: The Revenge of Zen

New Shinobido 2 Video Demonstrates An Assassin's Bag Of Tricks
by Jeff Marchiafava on Jan 13, 2012 at 12:14 PM
Platform PlayStation Vita
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Developer Acquire
Rating Mature

Check out this new gameplay video for Shinobido 2: The Revenge of Zen to see what kind of tools you'll be using to bring down your unsuspecting foes.

In Shinobido 2, players will step into the split-toed shoes of Zen the Spider Lily, a skilled assassin on the hunt for three warring clans in medieval Japan. The gameplay is a blend of stealth and action, which you can check out in Dan's recent hands-on preview. To get a better idea of what the game is about, however, check out the video below. It explains the myriad weapons, techniques, and ninj-tastic items you'll have to dispose of the game's dastardly Daimyo. 

Shinobido 2 will be available February 22 for the PlayStation Vita.

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