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Shadow Warrior 2

Making Demon Giblets Cooperatively In Shadow Warrior 2
by Mike Futter on Jun 16, 2016 at 11:58 AM

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Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Publisher Devolver Digital
Developer Flying Wild Hog
Rating Rating Pending

If you happened to read our PAX East coverage of Shadow Warrior 2, you know that Flying Wild Hog is making big changes in the sequel. A loot and customization system lets players tweak weapons, marking an evolution beyond the traditional shooter formula.

The new edition also adds cooperative play that gives players incentive to help out friends without impacting their own game progress. When playing Shadow Warrior 2 with others, the host is in control of everything related to progression. Only that player can talk to NPCs or interact with key items. 

However, joining up with others allows you to keep any loot you earn to bring back to your own game. Because Shadow Warrior 2 features procedurally generated mission areas, you can take a break from progressing the story to jump in with a friend to farm customization items. The effect is similar to Diablo III's approach.

Unfortunately, the game is centered a bit too much around the host. If guest players stray too far, they are forced to return to the lead player either through an out-of-bounds death or, optimally, a teleport back to rejoin the rest of the party. Update: Devolver reached out to us to let us know that this mechanic was solely for the E3 demo in order to keep players together. In the full game, players will be able to roam freely without a tether to the host.

Shadow Warrior 2 cooperative play doesn't fundamentally change how you'll play the game when working to complete the story. It does offer an enjoyable diversion with friends, giving you the means to gleefully giggle at the copious demon giblets you'll create together.

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