Shadow Warrior

Lo Wang Gets A New Trailer, Pre-Orders Open
by Mike Futter on Aug 29, 2013 at 04:33 PM
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Rating: Mature
Platform: PlayStation 4, PC

Melee in first-person games is usually hit or miss. Thankfully, our hands-on time with Flying Wild Hog's Shadow Warrior at E3 revealed a title that gets it so right. If you've been following the coverage and want to slice and dice your way through a demon horde, you'll be happy to know that pre-orders are open now.

The benefits differ across platforms, so publisher Devolver Digital has provided this handy guide for those hoping to get in on Shadow Warrior bonuses.

Pre-Order Bonus Steam includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Zilla Enterprises Z45 katana in-game weapon (Steam)
  • 75% off coupon for any current Devolver Digital game or Flying Wild Hog's 'Hard Reset'

 Pre-Order Bonus GOG includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Classic Shadow Warrior katana in-game weapon (GOG)

Pre-Order Humble Store includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Shadow Warrior soundtrack
  • available at

Special Edition (Steam Exclusive) includes:

  • Shadow Warrior
  • Serious Sam 3 sledgehammer in-game weapon
  • Hotline Miami katana in-game weapon
  • Shadow Warrior digital art book
  • Shadow Warrior soundtrack

Shadow Warrior will be out on September 26 for $39.99.