DrinkBox Studios Announces Severed
by Matthew Kato on Apr 14, 2014 at 04:26 AM
Platform PlayStation Vita, iOS
Publisher DrinkBox Studios
Developer DrinkBox Studios
Rating Teen

DrinkBox Studios – makers of Guacamelee! and About a Blob – has announced its new project for spring 2015 : A first-person title called Severed.

The game features gesture-based combat and environmental interaction. The story revolves around a heroine navigating an unusual world filled with secrets (why did she wake up missing an arm), enemies, and dungeons, and all this can be tackled in a non-linear fashion.

DrinkBox Studios hasn't officially named platforms for Severed, although Destructoid reports that it will hit mobile platforms and that the studio is open to putting the game on any system that supports motion or touch controls.

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PlayStation Vita, iOS
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