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Harmonix Reveals New Gameplay Mechanics And Setlist Details
by Brian Shea on Mar 02, 2017 at 11:04 AM
Platform Rift, PC
Publisher Oculus Studios
Developer Harmonix Music Systems
Rating Not rated

Harmonix has finally pulled back the curtain and revealed the new gameplay of Rock Band VR.

The virtual reality title will have players using their Rock Band 4 guitars to simulate being on stage and rocking out with a real band. Rather than just copying and pasting the classic Rock Band guitar formula into VR (though that is still an optional mode for old-school players), Harmonix is offering a new way to play, allowing players to utilize different chord shapes to develop their own style, allowing every performance to feel – and sound – unique.

In addition, Harmonix has revealed 21 of the 60 songs which will appear in the game. Many of these have appeared in Rock Band before, either as part of an on-disc setlist ("When You Were Young," "Everlong"), or as part of Rock Band's massive DLC library ("Hangar 18," "Through The Fire And Flames").

There are still some secrets yet to be revealed, like the rest of the setlist and how the game will handle guitar solos and Overdrive, but Harmonix is keeping those details to itself for now.

Rock Band VR comes out on March 23, exclusively for Oculus Rift. For more, check out pre-order details and the first trailer here. In addition, we recently spoke with Harmonix's Alex Rigopulos about Harmonix's future and VR.

[Source: Harmonix] 

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