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New Resistance 3 Screens Arrive, Game Playable Start To Finish
by Tim Turi on Dec 13, 2010 at 08:06 AM
Platform PlayStation 3
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer Insomniac Games
Rating Mature

The third installment in Insomniac’s apocalyptic shooter franchise has been in development for two years. A couple years is exactly how long the company’s turn-around on games used to be prior to Resistance 3. Starting with this second sequel, Sony offered Insomniac an extra year to polish the entire experience. A year of tightening and cleaning up s is a lot. And if these pictures are any indication, the game is already looking incredible.

Community manager James Stevenson recently fielded some questions in the NeoGAF forums:

“…we have to be careful about discussing exactly where we are in dev… but we totally have a lot of content done (2 years of dev so far) w/ a lot of polishing to go.the game is playable start to finish on disc though, which is pretty insane for an Insomniac game w/ this much time left.”

He also mentions that more is going to be discussed on their Full Moon Show podcast.

Check out the new screenshots in the media gallery below. They show Joe Capelli enduring a Chimera ambush while boating through a flooded town. My favorite picture is the one with Capelli shotgunning a grim in midair.

When we saw Resistance 3 for our November cover story, we were very impressed with how far along they were. Now that we know it’s playable from start to finish, our excitement for Chimera-killin’ just increased dramatically.

[via PlayStation LifeStyle]

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