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Tools of Resistance 3: Insomniac's Weapons Evolved

by Tim Turi on Oct 22, 2010 at 09:30 AM

Joseph Capelli and the rest of the surviving human population are living in a world ruled by the Chimera. The military has been destroyed and factories are derelict, so expertly crafted firearms are an almost nonexistent rarity. In this brutal environment, survivors who still have fight in them must cobble together their own weaponry to blast away the Hybrids, Long Legs, and Window Makers threatening their daily life. Come with us as we take a look at both the functional and aesthetic changes of two important weapons from the Resistance universe.


The Magnum makes its first appearance in Resistance 2. Its remote-detonated grenade bullets make it an invaluable weapon when it comes to taking down everything from common Hybrids to towering Titans. This army-issue weapon features a polished wooden stock, a uniform metallic body, and even a SRPA-branded electronic detonator.

This is the improvised Magnum of Resistance 3. It is composed of several hunks of salvaged metal, and sports an aesthetic representative of the survivors' desperation. Inventiveness comes with rewards, however, as the Magnum can be upgraded to an even more powerful weapon in Resistance 3. After racking up enough kills with the pistol, Capelli can upgrade the sidearm so that each grenade bullet fragments into even more explosives upon contact with a Chimera or other surface. The result is a cluster of deadly bombs that can be triggered from behind cover. Necessity is the mother of invention, and this invention will mother a lot of dead Chimera.


This is the Bullseye, the main firearm issued by Chimeran Hybrid foot soldiers. This weapon may look less complicated than the aliens' other firearms, but it sports rapid laser fire and the deadly accurate Bullseye Tag. Users can fire an identifying tag at their adversaries, causing all subsequent energy rounds to home in on them. This is especially useful for downing enemies who are behind cover while remaining unseen yourself. A remotely-detonated Bullseye Trap can also be set which unloads a torrent of bullets from a booby trap on the wall or ceiling.

The functionality of the Bullseye remains mostly unchanged in Resistance 2, but features some helpful improvements. The three aiming hairs on the gun's redesigned frame allow for increased precision, as they tilt towards a tagged enemy and align to indicate shot accuracy. Tagged enemies can also be viewed through walls, an effect similar to the Auger weapon. Additionally, Bullseye Traps can be exploded, creating a shrapnel effect comparable to the Chimera's hedgehog grenades.

Times are rough in Resistance 3, and the superior Bullseye of Resistance 2 is hard to come by. That being the case, humans have repurposed the original Bullseyes found in Resistance: Fall of Man. Similarly to the improvised Magnum, scraps of metal are bolted to the weapon's frame. The human resistance have also affixed an iron sight to the weapon, allowing a more conventional aiming style. One of this weapon's upgrades allow a single Bullseye Tag to shatter into multiple tags, creating a deadly effect when firing into a cluster of unfortunate Chimera.

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