The Evolution Of Resistance 3's Long Legs

by Bryan Vore on Oct 20, 2010 at 11:45 AM

Check out a bio of the new creature from Insomniac Games and see early sketches of the Long Legs throughout the design process.

Long Legs: The Long Legs is a mechanically-enhanced Chimeran Hybrid able to leap high into the air and swoop down on its targets with deadly force. It uses its increased mobility to traverse complex environments and find superior attack positions. 

Primary Weapon: Bullseye

Survival Tip: Tag it with a Bullseye tag when it lands -- all subsequent shots will steer toward it, even if it jumps to another perch.

But how did the Long Legs evolve into its current fearsome form? Well, it started out kind of like a dinosaur or one of those demon dogs from Ghostbusters and then slimmed down into more of a humanoid form with grasshopper legs. See for yourself below.

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