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tgs 2012

Remember Me

Diving Deeper With Remember Me's Combo Lab
by Ben Reeves on Sep 22, 2012 at 06:16 AM
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher Capcom
Developer Don't Nod Entertainment
Rating Mature

Dontnod Entertainment’s sci-fi action adventure title, Remember Me, made a strong showing this year at Gamescom, so we were excited to go deeper with its combo system during TGS.

When our demo starts, visual glitches and distortions cover the screen, indicating that our protagonist, Nilin, is dangerously low on health. Thankfully, Remember Me’s unique combo system can help solve that problem.

At any point in the game, players can pause and go into Remember Me’s combo lab to tinker with their combat tools. Players can have up to four active combos at any time, which they will want to customize in order to adapt to the game’s many challenges. Combos are made up of what Dontnod Entertainment are calling Pressens – single move attacks that have a variety of benefits. For example, regen Pressens regenerate your health. After setting up a new combo full of regen Pressens, we jump back into combat and Nilin’s vampiric attack quickly refill her life gauge.

Making your own combos gets a lot more exciting when you start playing around with Special Pressens. These heavy attacks are kind of like technological magic. These S-Pressens can really turn the tide of battle. While fighting a group of shielded foes, Nilin uses an S-Pressen called Logic Bomb, which blows away her enemy’s shields, leaving them vulnerable. Other S-Pressens allow Nilin to zip across the screen in a fury of fast attacks or remote hack mechanical foes and turn them to her side.

These S-Pressen moves run on a cooldown, but regular combos can be programmed to speed up the cooldown of these larger attacks. Other combos can be programmed to deliver more powerful punches or enable Nilin to perform finishing moves that cause enemies to drop PMP orbs. These orbs can, in turn, be used to buy new Pressens, creating a circle of Pressen life. Making combos in Remember Me’s combo lab creates opportunities for you to use powerful S-pressen attacks, which allows you to utilize new combos that help you collect orbs that help you buy more Pressens and build ever bigger and badder combos. Dontnod Entertainment says that Remember Me’s combo lab is capable of producing over 50,000 unique combos. It’s a pretty slick system, and we look forward to playing around with it some more as we build up to the game’s May release.

A lot of the things I’ve seen at TGS are worth forgetting, but Remember Me is one title that looks worth remembering. (Writing a pun off the game’s name is a prerequisite for doing a preview on the game.) Take a look at Remember Me’s Gamescom demo if you’d like to see more.

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