The Red Solstice

Early Access Available Now On Steam
by Harry Mackin on Jul 10, 2014 at 10:40 AM
Publisher: Nkidu Games
Developer: Ironward
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PC

Croatian developer Ironward’s Co-op focused tactical survival game The Red Solstice is available for early access right now on Steam, and it’s 40 percent off for a limited time. The PC title, published by Nkidu games, is also available in a “buy three get one free” four pack to encourage cooperative play.  

The Red Solstice takes place on the sci-fi inspired Mars of the distant future. The game is named after a great storm sweeping across the planet’s surface.

Players choose from eight different classes with customizable equipment and battle across randomly generated levels. It is possible to play the survival co-op game with up to eight squad mates, and the game will reward strategic teamwork and tactical thinking. 

The Red Solstice is available on Steam at $14.99 for now (regular price will be $24.99.) The 4-pack bundle costs $44.99. For more on the cooperative tactical game, check out the screenshots in the gallery below. 

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