Joule's Dad Has Some Words For Her In The Launch Trailer
by Kyle Hilliard on Sep 02, 2016 at 06:21 AM
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Comcept
Rating: Teen
Platform: Xbox One

Recore, from developer Armature and Keiji Inafune, is right around the corner and a new launch trailer offers some insight into the story.

We get a recap of the game's mechanics, see a new human character (other than protagonist Joule), and hear voice-over from her dad, who is confident in her abilities, but is clearly apologetic about leaving her behind.

Recore launches on Xbox One on September 13 and you can check out the trailer below.

For more on Recore, head here. We also recently spoke with Armature's Mark Pacini about his career (which involved games like Metroid: Prime) and his studio's work on ReCore. You can find that interview here.