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Contain Deadly Pathogens And Save Humanity
by Matthew Kato on Jan 13, 2017 at 07:02 AM

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Platform PC
Publisher 505 Games
Developer Sproing
Rating Teen

Video games and movies often focus on the large threats to humanity like invading aliens, but what if the greatest threat to our survival was something so small you couldn't see it with the naked eye? Quarantine (from developer Sproing and publisher 505 Games) is a new strategy title coming to Steam Early Access on February 9. In it you'll serve as the director of Pandemic Defense and oversee the fight against lethal pathogens around the globe.

You'll respond to possible epidemic threats around the world with a team of dozens you recruit covering four specializations: medic, scientist, diplomat, and security. These members level up as they are deployed and complete missions, isolating and defeating the diseases (with randomly generated traits) before they spread and become stronger through evolution.

Keeping in front of the contagions requires constant funding for up-to-date research facilities, and upgrades and a full tech tree give you the flexibility and ability to keep the battle going.

The general structure of Quarantine sounds similar to the recent XCOM series, but it's not immediately evident how all of Quarantine's gameplay mechanics unfold at this point in time. Does everything transpire through cutscenes and menus? Are there any minigames or point-and-click sections? We're surely find out when the game goes into Early Access, but already the title has an intriguing premise and alluring presentation that makes it interesting.

Take a look at a glimpse of the game via the debut trailer after the jump.

Quarantine is out on Steam Early Access on PC for $14.99 on February 9.

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