Pokémon Sun

See The Evolutions For Your Starters In Pokémon Sun & Moon
by Matthew Kato on Oct 04, 2016 at 04:39 AM
Developer: Game Freak
Rating: Everyone
Platform: 3DS

A new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon has appeared, detailing the evolutions of the games' three starter Pokémon, as well as info on the Festival Plaza, Mega Evolutions, and a demo.

Rowlet (grass-flying) becomes Dartrix; Litten (fire) becomes Torracat; And Popplio (water) becomes Brionne.

Apart from these evolutions, the trailer also reveals the Festival Plaza, where you can earn coins for shops by completing other players' requests. Another addition is Poké Pelago – islands where the Pokémon in your PC box can train and search for treasure.

The games will have a special demo version (October 18), which turns Greninja into Ash-Greninja, who can be brought into the full game.

Pokémon Sun and Moon come out on November 18 for the 3DS.

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