PixelJunk SideScroller

Q-Games' New Shooter Kicked My Butt
by Tim Turi on Jun 08, 2011 at 04:33 PM
Platform PlayStation 3
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer Q Games
Rating Everyone

In Q-Games’ PixelJunk Shooter, gamers could unlock a sidescrolling variant of the game. The hidden title was so beloved by fans and the developers alike that it earned its own title. I sat down with the game at this year’s E3 2011 for a thorough butt-kicking. This is one tough shooter.

SideScroller is a lot like its predecessor. You’ll fly a familiar ship with a spin attack, cool down your overheating ship with water, and combine magma with water to create rock. Enemies and destructible earth explodes into showers of beautiful pixels. The edges of the screen curve to emulate the look of a classic arcade monitor, and luminescent colors even result in old school scan lines.

Players can choose from three weapons as they cruise sideways through the pretty worlds. Guided missiles lock in on enemies, lasers knock out rows of bad guys, and the machine gun obliterates the environment. You’ll need to master each weapon if you plan to survive the game’s grueling difficult. The only game I’ve died in more consistently is Super Meat Boy, and that’s saying something.

PixelJunk junkies and fans of hardcore retro games are sure to love this one. Keep an eye out for this downloadable we approach its Summer release date.

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