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Persona 5

Update: Navigation Character, Supporting Cast Revealed
by Kevin Slackie on Dec 06, 2016 at 09:43 AM
Platform PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3
Publisher Atlus
Developer Atlus
Rating Mature

Update: Another pair of videos came out today detailing Futaba Sakura, the hacker who will help the main party traverse the various dungeons. There's also an interview with her voice actress, Erica Lindbeck,  which you can view down below.

Original Story: Atlus released three trailers today to give fans a peek at some of the NPCs you'll encounter while playing through Persona 5. These characters will help the protagonist with some of the essential RPG services, such as like healing and weaponry.

The first trailer shows off the gruff weapons dealer Munehisa Iwai, who will sell you "airsoft guns" at his shop called Untouchable. Getting in his good graces will secure you discounts, a wider selection of weapons, and customization options for whatever he sells you.

Fighting demons can be a painful experience, but the underground doctor Tae Takami will help patch you up if you help with her experiments. These trials are beneficial to the player as they unlock stronger health potions and consumables to use while dungeon crawling.

Life in the big city would be pretty difficult without a home, so it's lucky that Sojima Sakura takes the protagonist in at the start of the game. If you help him run Cafe LeBlanc he'll teach you how to make coffee and curry, which help restore mana while the Phantom Thieves are out fighting demons. This character has the same voice actor as the bartender from Catherine, and will even drop facts about coffee in a similar fashion.

If that wasn't enough Persona 5 to whet your appetite then you can check out the first 40 minutes of gameplay or the recently released story trailer.

[Source: Atlus via Persona Central]

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