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Everything We Know About The Cast So Far
by Kimberley Wallace on Oct 16, 2015 at 10:20 AM
Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Atlus
Rating: Mature
Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3

Persona 5 is shrouded in mystery. Atlus has provided fans only a few trailers to keep them at bay. After announcing a recent delay, the Japanese official website finally listed some information about the cast.

The Persona games have earned a following for their endearing characters, but after various spin-offs focusing on older casts, the time is right for some new lifeblood. Persona 5 features the first new cast in close to eight years; they'll tackle the challenges of being a part of modern society and feeling restrained by the various roles and expectations it places on them. Here are the personalities you'll be getting to know when you take Persona 5 for a spin in 2016. 

The Protagonist
True to form, you play as a high school student who just moved to a place in Persona 5. The 16-year-old protagonist lives in a café run by his parents' friend. For the most part, he's a quiet and well-mannered gentleman, but that all changes when an incident causes his persona, Arsene, to take form, setting him on the path to become the leader of the Phantom Thieves. Yes, his Persona is a play off of the famous fictional gentleman thief, Arsène Lupin, who appeared in French writer Maurice Leblanc's novels that eventually involved Sherlock Holmes. But what does the protagonist's alter ego really say about him and his power? What's he been hiding all this time behind his quiet and obedient demeanor? We'll have to wait and see.

Ryuji Sakamoto
Ryuji has earned the reputation as a problem child; he has a wild streak that causes a lot of conflict between him and his teachers. You can think of him as the kid who's always in trouble, but Ryuji didn't just go down the rebellious path for the fun of it. Apparently, an incident changed him, which caused him to act this way. That will most likely be further explored in the game. When Ryuji meets the main character at high school his Persona soon awakens, and in true mischievous form, it's a pirate with a skull head and cannon arm. We suspect he'll give Kanji a run for his money as Persona's resident bad boy.

Ann Takamaki
Ann is channeling some serious Lisa Silverman from Persona 2. Ann is a quarter-American, but unlike Lisa, she's not "Miss Popularity." Her different appearance has made it a struggle to fit in; therefore, she's more of a loner, isolating herself from most of her high school class. She doesn't trust just anyone and picks her friends very carefully. Strange rumors are circulating about her, leaving her even more on the fence. Thankfully, she begins a friendship with the protagonist and Ryuji, which soon exposes her to an event that awakens her persona, and this persona means business. With a strong stature and vibrant flamenco-style dress, the vines coming out of her hands function like a whip, allowing her to toss around heart-shaped men in battle. Her persona alludes to the popular Carmen opera. In it, the gypsy Carmen seduces a naïve soldier, destroying his life. 


Teddie was the mascot character of Persona 4, and Morgana appears to be playing a similar role in Persona 5. This black cat actually lives with the protagonist, but don't mistake her for a common pet. She hates being called a cat, probably because she's much more complex than that. She has many different forms and can communicate like a human, but much about her existence is a mystery. She also throws around a lot of violent language, so you already know she's going to be a fun party member. Better yet – her persona resembles Zorro, right down to the belt with a "Z."

Yusuke Kitagawa
Yusuke doesn't attend the same high school as the others; he's on an art scholarship at another school. He's definitely the "heartthrob" of the group and a more sensitive guy. His love of the arts and intellectual pursuits have made him more otherworldly than the rest of the cast. He's also had to face difficulties early in his life, forcing him to mature. His mother died when he was just a boy and he's been an orphan ever since. His landlord is a Japanese painter, Madarame, who helps foster his artistic talent. Yusuke takes his art seriously, so you can usually find him pouring his passion into it. Yusuke's persona is modeled after legendary Japanese outlaw thief Ishikawa Goemon, who stole gold and gave it to the poor. Therefore, his persona is decked out in a traditional Japanese outfit and kabuki-stylings.

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