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Out of the Park Baseball 19

Out Of The Park Baseball 19 Announced With New Online Mode
by Matthew Kato on Jan 26, 2018 at 12:54 PM

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Platform PC
Publisher Out of the Park Developments
Developer Out of the Park Developments
Rating Rating Pending

Spring is just around the corner, and Out of the Park Developments has just announced Out of the Park Baseball 19, which is not only evolving the MLB-licensed baseball simulation series you know and love, but is adding a new online fantasy feature after launch.

The game comes out on March 22 (PC, Mac, Linux) and you can get it at 10 percent off for $35.99 if you pre-order it on the OOTP website. Pre-ordering also lets you play it early on March 19.

While at launch players can dive in and control all aspects of their clubs – as well as play in custom tournaments and the Arizona Fall League, among many other options – after launch they can enjoy this year's new mode: Perfect Team. This is a card-based fantasy sports mode similar to a Diamond Dynasty (MLB The Show) or Ultimate Team (EA Sports). The standalone mode features microtransactions like others of its ilk, but it can be played with no money spent as well. An open beta in the spring is planned for Perfect Team with a summer release.

We'll have more on this new mode as well as the rest of the game in an upcoming installment of The Sports Desk.

Here are the game's preliminary list of features (text from OOTP Developments):

  • New 3D stadiums and player models with improved on-field movements, including running, sliding, jumping, and throwing.
  • New in-game screen design for an optimized virtual dugout.
  • 2018 roster sets with all Opening Day MLB rosters, as well as the complete minor league system from Triple-A to rookie leagues as well as the Arizona Fall League. All major league (and over a thousand minor league) player ratings will be based on the popular ZiPS player projection system. The 8 international leagues, as well as independent minor leagues in the U.S., also return this year with accurate rosters.
  • Rewritten scouting reports that give a more detailed and realistic look at players.
  • New tournament modes! Create a standalone tournament bracket and draw any teams in history into it. The possibilities are endless!
  • Ultra-realistic AI roster management and in-game decisions.
  • A reworked ratings module.
  • User voting for end-of-season awards
  • Many more improvements, including: 
    • Redesigned interface, with the ability to choose between 6 different fonts
    • 800 custom team logos for fictional leagues
    • Improved Manager Home screen, with a more customizable layout and new widget options
    • A new stat – RA9-WAR (WAR based on runs allowed) – for pitchers
    • Delayed substitutions for injured players
    • And more to be announced prior to release

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